Garden Bird News

Garden Sketchbook: The Drummer

Stewart Sexton is a birdwatcher, artist and blogger from Northumberland. Each month Garden Sketchbook will share Stewart’s stories of birds and other wildlife from his... Read More

January Photo of the Month

Steve Hopper is one of our most prolific contributors of birds from in and around his garden. We were delighted to receive several pictures of... Read More

Keep Feeding!

After Christmas, when our gardens are at their most dowdy, there is one thing we can all do to add some colour and movement to... Read More

Bad breeding season in the north

Information collected by British Trust for Ornithology volunteers shows that numbers of many resident bird species, and some migrants, increased in 2015. However, the spells... Read More

The Vikings are coming!

As shown on the new BBC series, ‘The Last Kingdom’ , several thousand years ago my home county Northumberland was invaded by the Viking hoards... Read More

Garden Goldfinch Survey

If you have Goldfinches in your garden, you’re probably aware that they’re becoming increasingly common. However the reasons behind this are not yet fully understood,... Read More

Garden Sketchbook – Thrushes!

Stewart Sexton is a birdwatcher, artist and blogger from Northumberland. Each month Garden Sketchbook will share Stewart’s stories of birds and other wildlife from his... Read More

Young Bullies!

This is the time of the year when many juvenile birds start turning up on garden feeders. Often in dull, less colourful plumage lacking many... Read More

August Photo of the Month

We guess that Chris Mellor’s Buzzard image probably wasn’t taken in his garden but such a great image showing the majesty of one of our... Read More

Big in the North!

A new study published in the BTO’s Bird Study by researchers from the University of Northampton tests a pattern found elsewhere in the world that... Read More

In My Garden: Turtle Dove

Rhonnda Clifton is a keen amateur photographer from March, Cambridgeshire. In May this year she was delighted when a single adult Turtle Dove arrived in... Read More

March Photo of the Month

Woodpigeons aren’t everyone’s favourite bird, present in large numbers they can cause damage to crops but we couldn’t resist Charles Farnell’s beautiful shot of one... Read More

In My Garden – Little Owl

With a very small garden in rural East Suffolk surrounded by a mixture of woodland and grass pasture Heather Tanner’s garden would be a paradise... Read More

Spring Migrants!

Spring is a fantastic time for garden birds, most resident birds may have settled down to breed with the first juveniles of Mistle Thrush, Blackbird... Read More

Are Your Siskins Missing?

In recent decades Siskins have become an increasingly common garden visitor feeding on sunflower hearts and nyjer and delighting many garden birdwatchers with their acrobatics.... Read More

Spring Alive!

It won’t be too long before the first migratory birds start appearing in gardens throughout Britain. From the first Chiffchaffs, closely followed by early Sand... Read More

In My Garden: Water Rail

As avid garden birdwatchers ourselves we know how exciting it can be when you get a new species into the garden or one that doesn’t... Read More

Big Garden Birdwatch

Now an annual event on the garden bird calendar the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch is planned for this coming weekend 24-25 January.  It’s a great... Read More

Bad News for Garden Birds from BTO

The British Trust for Ornithology’s (BTO’s) latest BirdTrends report, produced in partnership with the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and published online, summarises the population trends... Read More

December Photo of the Month

We’re delighted to name Austin Thomas’ Jay as our December Photo of the Month. A great clean, sharp image capturing this often shy woodland species... Read More