How do I contact Cherish Wild Bird Food?

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How much does delivery cost?

That depends on the delivery address and the delivery options available for your order. Standard UK mainland delivery is £4.95 – free for orders over £40. Visit the delivery and returns page for full details of our delivery charges. Standard UK Delivery Nextday UK Delivery £5.99.

Can I have parts of my order delivered to different addresses?

No, if you require items delivered to different addresses please place a separate order for each delivery address.

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About Bird Feeding

What’s the best way of feeding birds?

Different species feed in different ways, some will feed on the ground others from feeders. In order to attract a range of birds to the garden we think its best to provide food on the ground, via a bird table and feeders to cater for a full range of species. Each garden situation is unique and the best way to find out about the birds in your garden is to try different ways of feeding to see which works best for you.

Should I just feed one kind of food?

The diets of birds differ between species and between seasons for the same species. A range of foods is more likely to attract greater diversity to your garden. In summer months when many species are feeding young, foods like meal worms provide a big help to adults searching for food for hungry nestlings. In winter months many species turn to harder foods such as seeds and berries. Some species have evolved to handle specific food types such as small seeds like Nyger while others are more general feeders. Providing a range of foods can help bring more birds to your garden, all of our bird foods have been developed to provide a wide variety of foods.

Where’s the best place in my garden for feeders?

When birds come to feed they can be vulnerable to predation so locating feeders well off the ground to help reduce attacks by cats and locating them close to a bush of shrub so that they have some cover to dive into if a Sparrowhawk attacks can help the birds in your garden feel and stay safer when coming to feed. Don’t put feeders too close to nest boxes during the feeding season.

How do I prevent Grey Squirrels from stealing all my food?

Unfortunately Grey Squirrels can be a real pain, taking food meant for the birds and causing damage to garden feeders. Using metal rather than plastic feeders will help reduce the feeder damage and if you have a large garden locating feeders away from trees might reduce the number of visits the Grey Squirrel makes to the feeders. There are many feeders on the market that claim to be ‘squirrel-proof’ we would suggest you try one or more of these to see if they offer a solution. Chilli powder added to the bird food won’t deter the birds but might prove too hot to handle fro the squirrels.

Is it important to keep feeders clean?

Yes, one big cause of the early death of garden birds is disease, often caused by dirty feeders. We would recommend cleaning feeders every couple of weeks, if possible with a disinfectant solution. It’s also good practice to move your feeders around regularly to avoid droppings building up in one place underneath feeders.

Should I provide water as well as food?

Providing a clean supply of water for the birds visiting your garden is good. Water should be changed daily if possible and containers/bird baths cleaned regularly. Water is important year round both in warm weather and equally in winter when natural supplies can be frozen.